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Как получить Студенческий Оскар?
Dear School Rep,
I hope this email finds you doing as well as possible in these uncertain times.
The 47th annual Student Academy Awards competition is accepting submissions and the June 1 deadline is just a few weeks away.
We have examined the situation around the Covid-19 crisis and based on the feedback we have received we have determined that it would not be effective to move our deadline date for this year. Be assured, per our rules, any student who finishes their film after June 1 will still be eligible for next year’s SAAs. Students will not be penalized because they couldn’t finish their film in time due to restrictions instituted to fight the pandemic.
As a reminder, there are two ways international students can become eligible for consideration. First, schools that are members of CILECT are invited to enter one student film in each of the four International film school categories: Narrative, Animation, Documentary and Alternative/Experimental.
Second, students at non-CILECT schools as well as those at CILECT schools may also qualify their film for the competition by being screened in competition at three of the festivals on our festival qualifying list. For this option, the student has a two year window to become eligible. So any student from the last two years who has completed their film, hasn’t had it submitted to the SAAs before and has had the film selected for competition in three of the qualifying festivals would be eligible to enter.
Downloadable graphics are included at the bottom of this email for distribution to your students who might have qualifying films as a deadline reminder or for posting on your school’s digital platform should you have one. If you have students from last two years who might meet our eligibility criteria and haven’t been submitted for SAA consideration previously, please alert them if you can to the fact that they might be eligible to submit their film.
What’s in it for the students?
·   No entry fee
·   Only Academy members view the films
·   Medal winners qualify for Oscar consideration
·   Industry spotlight
·   Students join the ranks of Spike Lee, Cary Fukunaga, Pete Docter, Patricia Riggen and Patricia Cardoso as Student Academy Award winners.
The competition rules, and a link to the online submission portal are available at www.oscars.org/saa. The entry deadline is June 1, 2020.
Entries, whether submitted by school administrators or the student filmmaker, will need to be verified before they are accepted. To speed up that process, please send confirmation of your school’s submissions to Hector Garcia at hgarcia@oscars.org by the June 1 deadline.
Should you have any further questions, please contact the team at saa@oscars.org. We look forward to receiving your entry.
Shawn Guthrie
Sr. Manager, Student Academy Awards
Student Academy Awards | Website

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