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The Youth Festival of Television Programs and Films
Entry Form

The Youth Festival of Television Programs and Films “Telemania” was established by the Institute of Cinema and Television (GITR) in 2004. It is supported by the International Academy of Television and Radio (IATR).

In 2018 the festival received grant support from the Federal Agency for the Affairs of Youth.

The purpose of the festival

To find the most talented and creative young journalists, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, sound producers, producers, production designers and to motivate them to work on television and in the media industry.

Telemania main Competition

Educational, course, diploma and independent student works are accepted for a submission to the Main Competition. Students must be enrolled at universities in Russia or other countries studying in higher education programs.

Telemania Jnr

Telemania Junior – Works by pupils of general education schools and secondary specialized educational institutions are accepted for submission.

Telemania Ind

Telemania Individual – works by students of cinema and television schools and studios, as well as independent authors up to the age of 30.

Telemania Pro

Telemania Professional – works by teachers employed in professional jobs in the cinema and television industry are accepted.

Nominations of the main competition
  • The best story
  • The best report
  • The best script (text)
  • The best Feature / Documentary film
  • The best Fiction Short Film
  • The best commercial video
  • The best music video
  • The best TV program
  • The best Directing
  • The best Journalist / reporter
  • The best Cinematography
  • The best Sound Design
  • The best Production Design
  • The best Producer
  • The Grand Prix

  • Only works produced in 2018/2019 academic year may be submitted to the festival.
  • The festival participant has the right to present any number of works in any nomination.
  • The applicant is required to fill out an online application following the link in the section "Application".
  • The applicant must present the link to a video work, posted on the Internet.
  • The submitted work must be placed onto a file hosting platform with the ability to download from a link, for example,


* plots and commercials - no longer than 90 seconds
* work of other genres - no more than 26 minutes

Video parameters

Container: AVI / MOV

codec: H.264 / ProRes

resolution: 1920x1080 / 1280x720

25 frames per second

Sound: Stereo / 5.1


The authors of the works agree to transfer of rights to the Festival Organizing Committee for the use of the works submitted by them (in whole or in part) on a gratuitous basis within the framework of the Telemania-2019 festival:
- on Internet portals covering the festival,
- on the Russian TV channels in special reports on the festival,
- in the Internet broadcasting of the Grand Ceremony of granting awards to the winners

Submission of works

The deadline for submission of applications and submission of papers to the Organizing Committee of the festival shall be from August 1 to October 15, 2018

1st Tour

From October 16 to October 25. The selection board will look over all the works sent to the festival, determine their correspondence to the creative and technical requirements and shall create a short list.
On October 24 the Organizing Committee shall announce the short list of the festival

2nd Tour

From October 25 to November 7 the Professional and Youth Jury will look through the works, determine the winners in each nomination of each competition program and will come up with the decision of awarding the Grand Prix.

Master classes, demonstrations and discussions of the works

From November 7 to November 21 master-classes of masters of Russian cinema and television, demonstrations and discussions of the competition works shall take place and be broadcasted in live television broadcasts.
Registered participants of the festival will be allowed to attend the events.

Creative events

The program of the festival includes an art exhibition, a creative evening party, a concert in a music club and other events.

The Grand Ceremony for Awards

The winners of the “Telemania” festival will be declared November 21, 2018, on the Worldwide Television Day; the Grand Ceremony of Award will be broadcast live on television, on the official web page of the festival on its Internet website.
The winners in each nomination and the recipient of the Grand Prix will receive prizes and diplomas of winners of the festival.
In the competitions “Telemania Jnr, Telemania Ind, and Telemania Pro the winners’ diplomas and the prizes will be awarded by a special decision of the jury.
Upon the decision of the Organizing Committee of the festival the partnered organizations are endowed with the right to bestow their special prizes in any of the competition’s nominations in any quantity.
The Special Prize is a certificate for the festival promotion from the distributor of CinePromo.
The Special Prize is a certificate bestowing the opportunity of studies at the GITR on preferential terms for pupils of high schools, secondary specialized colleges and schools (studios) for cinema and television.
Instructors of projects shall receive diplomas of the festival.
The prizes and diplomas of the festival shall be sent to the participants by mail no later than on January 20.

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Series of master classes at VDNH Smart Village
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Litovchin, Yuri Mikhailovich
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Erofeyev, Sergei Vladimirovich
Chairman of the Coordination Council
Khvoina, Olga Borisovna
Artistic director
Velskaya, Galina Georgievna
General Producer
Yankovskaya, Kira Romanovna
Executive Producer
Solovyov, Artyom
Technical Director
Kozlova, Anastasia
Coordinator for work with Participants
Gagina, Lyubov
Director of the Press Service

Lazutkin, Valentin Valentinovich
Chairman of Jury, Chairman of Board of Trustees of GITR
Zasluev, Dmitrii Valentinovich
Ivlieva, Elena
Kakov, Alexei
Glebova, Irina
Romanovski, Stanislav
Minlishev, Roman
Khodakov, Valentin
Olenchenko, Natalya
Prokofieva, Kseniya
Filonova, Dariya
Khotinenko, Vladimir Ivanovich
Zheleznyakov, Andrei Konstantinovich
Erofeyev, Sergei Vladimirovich
Serebryanii, Roman Alexandrovich
Moiseeva, Rimma Maximovna
Uralskaya, Irina Viktorovna
Litrovnik, Vladimir Kimovich
Dobuzhinskii, Dmitrii Yrievich
Korzhaeva, Elena
Eshnazarova, Tatyana
Limanski, Mark
Krutikov, Nikolai Vladimirovich
Farber, Alexander
Лучший сюжет
Сыпь, гармоника, скука…
Анатолий Трофимов
Лучший сюжет
Сыпь, гармоника, скука…
Анатолий Трофимов
Лучший сюжет
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This application confirms the transfer of partial rights for the audiovisual work created by me to the Institute of Film and Television (GITR) in order to:

- display of the work in the competition program of the festival "Telemania»
- placement of the work on the Guitar web page and in the catalog
- demonstration of the work on TV and radio channels and the Internet media