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Chief editor - Doctor of Philosophical sciences, professor Dukov Y.
Deputy chief editor - PhD in Art criticism, Gamaleya H.                                                                           


Periodical journal "The Art and Science of Television" is devoted to relevant theoretical and practical problems of the art of digital media: television, cinema, radio, new media. It publishes results of studies in scientific directions "Art study", "Culturology", "Sociology", "Mass media". It is based on materials of a science conference, held by State Institute for Art Studies and The Humanities Institute of TV & Radio Broadcasting named after M.A. Litovchin (GITR Film & Television School). It is addressed to reserchers in visual art and mass media, practicing specialists in the field of television and other media. It is attached to Russian Science Citation Index. ISSN: 1994-9529.       
                                                                                                                                                                                Published since 2004

• to study the art of television in the context of related arts and sciences
• to analyze the changes, happening in the society and in the television industry
• to forecast the development of the media industry and the scientific knowledge in the field of screen arts and screen culture


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